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Supplying Unique & Individual Sparkling Wines, Rose Wines, White Wines, and Red Wines

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IMG_0974Thank you for visiting our website. We had a shop in Heaton Moor, Stockport, Greater Manchester for 28 years, and now find it much easier and simpler for us to operate from home using a website.

When we sold our shop, we bought some wines from a supermarket and could not believe how poorly the wines tasted. All we could find on their generic wines were sweetness. So we decided that we could offer far superior wines at similar prices, which you can see on our website.

All the wines we sell are made with the minimum of intervention by their respective winemakers. This sounds very confusing, and it may be easier to say that they have been bottled at source, and not shipped hundreds of miles to go through a chemical process to formulate the wine.

We actually have access to over 1,000 wines, and obviously it is not possible to list them all. Explore them by joining us for one of our regular wine-tasting events. We organise wine tasting evenings for restaurants, corporate events, and other organisations. contact us now for details.

Wine Tasting Events / Evenings

wine-tasting-event-manchester-imageJohn Booth Wines run monthly wine tastings on a range of topics from Austrian wines to Zinfandel. We also offer informative and amusing wine tasting events and parties for any occasion, from private wine tasting evenings to corporate hospitality events, around the North West of England.
We come to you at your chosen venue – home, office, restaurant etc. We’ll provide everything for your wine tasting evenings, including glasses, spittoons if required, and of course a range of wines. There’s nothing for you to set up, or clear up. Just sit back, savour the wines and the wine tasting event.

Value for Money

Please bear in mind that on any bottle of wine you have to pay a minimum of £3.60 to cover taxes. Transport, bottling, and of course the wine itself would be extra, as would any profit that the supply-chain wishes to make. Duty and transport costs are the same for cheap or expensive wine. In a £5 bottle of wine, once importer and retailer margins have also been accounted for, the cost of the actual wine is probably less than 15p. But in an £8 bottle of wine, there may be more than £1.50 worth of wine. It sounds like a con but by spending an extra £3 on your wine purchase, you will obtain a wine 10 times better. Similarly shoud you wish to spend £10 the winery will receive almost £3 nearly a twenty fold increase. Cynics point out how unfair these disparities are – perhaps the real reason is that the politicians and civil servants don`t drink £5 wines!!!!

Trips to Spain & Italy

dining al frescoWe have strong links with Spain and organise 3 & 4 day trips to Seville, Granada. Malaga, Antequera, Jerez and San Sebastian. We take small select groups of no more than 12 people We know small individual hotels and restaurants that offer super examples of local food with wines to match. For more details please look at our Andalucia guided tour website www.andalucia-unwrapped.co.uk